The market for Edible Ice

In Italy, the packaged edible ice market has a turnover of only 3 million euros compared to 140 million in the Spanish market, thus having greater growth potential than other European countries.

The EPIA (European Packaged Ice Association – has estimated that the Italian market of packaged ice could reach a consumption of over 50,000 tons per year in a few years, a country with the highest growth potential.

How we operate

Premium stands out in the Italian market for the transparency and quality of our products, capable of creating a lasting relationship with the customer.
The company policy is therefore aimed at providing:


in compliance with the STRICT HACCP PRINCIPLES dictated by the EC regulation n. 852/2004 and indicated in the Manual of Proper Operating Practices for the production of food ice. We are also certified IFS FOOD - CODE 60302 CERT. No. 252517 - 2017 -AIFS -ITA -ACCREDIA.


thanks to the use in our innovative production of a patented high precision blade, to provide our customers with a perfect cylinder shape of the product, instead of the traditional ``guillotine method`` that crumble the product.