Our products

EasyIce produces packaged edible ice in 2 SIZES:

Edible cubed ice

Cylindrical transparent and regular cube, weighing 30 gr / each completely full inside.

Edible crushed ice

Crushed ice, weighing between 2 and 4 grams each, is ideal for crushed cocktails because it does not melt easily and prevents it from melting quickly in the drink, which otherwise would be watered down. The packs are 2kg each, there are 5 in each 10kg pack.



That’s why consumer choose us

The final customer (bartenders, organizers of concerts, fairs, corporate meetings, sporting events, caterers, kiosks, discos, private parties, etc.) choose to buy our products because:

1. THERE IS THE GUARANTEE OF PURCHASING HYGIENICALLY SAFE AND CONTROLLED PACKAGED ICE to avoid our customers getting food poisoning or incurring sanctions from the authorities.

2. REDUCED ELECTRICITY AND WATER COSTS COMPARED TO AN ICE MACHINE From an analysis carried out we have in fact found using an ice machine costs the user double compared to our process

3. YOU KNOW THE EXACT COST OF THE ICE By purchasing the packages at a basic price the consumer knows exactly how much the ice costs. Unlike ice machines which incur electricity and water charges and lead to unused or melted ice.

4. HAS A LONGER LIFE – IT DOESN’T WATER DOWN THE DRINK Our ice has a longer freezing duration than ice machine produced ice, ensuring quality drinks that don’t get watered down.