Packaged edible ice

Packaged edible ice

Edible ice production

The market for the sale of packaged edible ice is an economic phenomenon that has its origins in North America and Spanish-speaking areas 20 years ago.
The packaged product has been replaced overtime with “ice machines” used by individuals and businesses in many cities in California, Spain and Portugal thanks to its economic convenience, quality and food safety.

In these territories, it is common to find ice packaged in convenient packs in both CUBED and GRATED forms in supermarkets and petrol stations .
The mission of Premium Italia is to offer the Italian and European market a product of the same high standard which in many ways is better than the systems currently in place across Europe and will help to introduce health checks on industrially-produced ice products at an extremely competitive price.

To guarantee the above, the company  has been certified IFS FOOD




Our fully automated production plant is located in the province of Venice, with one of the largest plants in Italy. Our continuous innovation in the production process has led to a production of 33,000 kg of ice per day.The entire production process, from the supply of the water to the final packaging of edible ice, is completely automated.

Premium subjects production to safety and food hygiene checks to guarantee its customers a safe and quality product.


Our logistics network ensures a pallet delivery to customers located throughout Italy according to the agreed timing.

Furthermore, the transport takes place at temperatures of -20 ° C according to the regulations of the IFS logistic.